The district is a plain which slopes generally from North East to South West. The plain is remarkable flat and within it, are the narrow low-lying flood plains, known as either Betre Khadar of Naili. A good network of canals is providing irrigational facilities. Underground water level is not relatively high. Tube well irrigation is also common in the district. It is one of the prosperous district from agriculture point of view. Kurukshetra along with Karnal and Kaithal districts is known as the ‘Rice Bowl of India’ and famous for Basmati Rice. The soil is generally alluvial, loam and clay does not constitute average texture of the soil.


Markanda and Saraswati are the important rivers of the district
Holy rivers Saraswati and Yamuna cover its northern and eastern boundaries and this is another main reason that the place, Kurukshetra become more religious. According to Manu, the tract between the old sacred rivers Saraswati and Drishadvati in Kurukshetra was known as Brahmavarta. Kurukshetra is intimately related to the Aryan civilization and its growth along the Saraswati River.The Markanda river’s ancient name was Aruna.

The ancient Saraswati river was thought to have flowed through Haryana, but it has now disappeared. The Ghaggar rises in the lower Shivalik hills ofouter Himalayas, between the Yamuna and the Sutlej and enters Haryana near Pinjore, district Panchkula. Passing through Ambala and Hissar, it reaches Bikaner in Rajasthan and runs a course of 290 miles before disappearing into the deserts of Rajasthan. In rainy seasons it effects a lot of area of Kurukshera District also. During monsoons, this stream swells into a raging torrent notorious for its devastating power. The surplus water is carried on to the Sanisa lake where the Markanda joins the Saraswati.

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Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal as it is popularly known canal in India to connect the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers passes through kurukshetra.
Narwana branch is a part of main Bhakra canal and passes from Kurukshetra.This is the life line of Haryana.

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Major Soil Types: Clayey Loam, Sandy Loam



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