Historical Shilalekh


The Brahmens of Thauneser having petitioned the GOVERNOR GENERAL praying that the fish in the surrounding tanks, Which are all places of Teruthes or pilgrimage, may not he caught nor the trees destroyed nor horned cattle slaughtered at this place. His Lord ship in consideration of the great sanctity in which Thauneser is held by the hindoos is pleased to direct that travelers he enjoined to regard the wishes of the Brahmens in the above mentioned respects and as for as possible in all others touching their prejudices.

His Excellency The Governor Of The Punjab Visited Thanesar, In The Course Of His Monsoon Tour, On The 5th august 1921. He Was Very Pleased To Inspect The Old Historical And Sacred Tanks And Temples Of The Hindus And At The Request Of The Kurukshetra Restoration society Performed The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony Of The Kurukshetra Pushtakalya, In The Presence Of The Brahmin Priests Men Of Learning And Leading Members Of The All India Sanatan Dharam Mahanmandal Gathered There To Welcome His Excellency.

In Commemoration Of His Visit Sir Edward Maclagan. K.C.S.I.K.C.1.E.,  Was Pleased to Make a Donation of Rs 250 Which Was Divided Among The Brahmin Punchayat Of Thanesar In The same Proportion In Which donation of Rs 500 was Distributed.