Fisheries Department


Every year more than one and a half crore fish seed is stocked in district Kurukshetra and more than 2700 tones fish is being produced in the district. To private fish seed hatcheries at village Mandheri and Adone are producing more than 10 crore seed each which is distributed in all the districts of Haryana. More than 5 lakh rupees are distributed as subsidies under various schemes in the district.


  • To manage and conserve the natural fisheries in rivers, canals, drains and other water bodies.
  • To utilize available village ponds and tanks for fish farming.
  • To provide technical and financial assistance to fish farmers through Fish Farmers Development Agencies.
  • To create a class of trained fish farmers in the state.
  • To increase the production of quality fish seeds of all species.
  • To utilize unused waste agricultural land for fish farming.
  • To create additional employment opportunity in rural area.

District : Kurukshetra

District Head Quarter : District Fisheries Officer cum Chief Executive Officer, FFDA National Seed Farm, Jyotisar Kurukshetra-132118

Contact No : 01744-238170

No. of Sub-Divisions: 3 (Jyotisar, Pehowa, Shahbad)

Subdivision Thanesar: Fisheries Officer 9416300906(M)

Subdivision Shahbad: Fisheries Officer 9416300906(M)

Subdivision Pehowa: Fisheries Officer 9416300906(M)

Fisheries Farm Manager: Jyotisar, Chander Shekhar9034540318(M)

State Website: