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District Kurukshetra
Date of creation of District 23 January, 1973
Geographical Area of District 1530 Sq. KM.
Name of Division Ambala
No. of Sub- Division 4 (Thanesar,Pehowa,Shahbad, Ladwa)
No. of Tehsils 4 (Thanesar,Pehowa,Shahbad, Ladwa)
No. of Sub- Tehsils 2 (Babain,Ismailabad)
No. of Development Blocks 7 (Thanesar,Pehowa,Shahbad,Ladwa,Babain, Ismailabad, Pipli)
No. of Gram Panchayats 394   –
No. of Municipal Council 1 (Thanesar)
No. of Municipal Committees 3 (Pehowa,Shahbad,Ladwa)
No. of Market Committees 7 (Thanesar,Pehowa,Shahbad,Ladwa,Babain,Ismailabad,Pipli)
No. of Total Villages 419 (4 merged in MC area)