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Office Address :

Deputy Director, Department of Aggriculture & Farmers’ Welfare,
Sec-7, Shahid Major Nitin Bali Marg Urban Estate, Kurukshetra-132118
Contact No. 01744-220504
E-Mail : ddakkr2009(at)gmail(Dot)com
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Status of Agriculture / Horticulture

  • 1st rank in the State under productivity of Paddy.
  • 1st rank in the State under area (8,500 hectare) and productivity (312 qtl per hectare) under Potato.
  • 1st rank in the State under Sugar recovery from Sugarcane (more than 10%).
  • 1st rank in the State under area (4,000 hectare) and productivity (2,220 kg per hectare) under Sunflower.
  • 1st rank in the State regarding adoption of baler to manage crop residue.
  • 3rd rank in the State for adoption of protected cultivation.
  • 80% area has been leveled with Lazer Land Leveler under Water Saving Technology.
  • 80% area has been covered with Under Ground Pipe Line under Water Saving Technology.

Organizational Setup (Branches)

  • Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer Thanesar(SDAO)
  • Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer Pehowa(SDAO)
  • Assistant Plant Protection Office (APPO)
  • Assistant Aggriculture Engineer (AAE)
  • Assistant Soil Conservation Office (ASCO)
  • Assistant Cane Development Office (ACDO)
  • Assistant Geologist Office (AGO)
  • Soil Testing Office Thanesar (STO)
  • Assistant Soil Testing Office Pehowa (ASTO)
Aggricultural Equipments in the District
Equipments Number
Tractors 15071
Reapers Straws 1399
Rotavator 2646
Threshers 2501
Zero-till-Drills 3397
Disc Harrow 13426
Combine Harvester 559
Potato Diggers 296
Potato Planters 897
Laser Levellers 244
Reapers 70
Reaper Binders 17
Bio-Gas Plant 2104
Seed Drills 0
Seed cum Fertilizer Drills 647
Ridgers 3591
Paddy Harrow 6683
Sprinkler Sets 16
Sub Soiler 85
Bad Planter 52
Power Weeder 55