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About It 

Kurukshetra is revered all over India for its sanctity and rich cultural heritage. Amidst the halo of myths and realities it has allured attention since its earliest times as a famous place of pilgrimage and a centre of Vedic civilization and learning. However, Kurukshetra is popularly known as the battlefield of the epic Mahabharata... The founder of the land was king Kuru who practiced austere penance to make this land righteous that is why in the first verse of Gita, Kurukshetra prefixed with an epithet Dharmakshetra.

History remembers the event Mahabharata not for it mundane warfare but for its philosophical treatise i.e. Bhagavadgita, which was expounded here in this sacred land by Lord Krishna.

Kurukshetra is also known as the ‘tirtha par excellence’ according to the Mahabharata. The word tirtha means to float. It symbolises liberation of soul from the cycle of birth and death hence it is obvious the land ought to be associated with water and water bodies. This is evident from the age-old tradition of taking holy dip in the sacred tanks of Kurukshetra.

Millions of pilgrims and tourist throng to the city during the Solar Eclipse to have the privilege of having a dip in the sacred tanks i.e. Brahma Sarovar and Sannehit Sarovar. A holy dip in these tanks during the eclipse gives the merit of perfoming thousand Ashawamedha Yajnas. It is told that in the Sanhit Sarovar during this time all the sacred places & pilgrimages assemble there by and thus one directly gets the merits of all the sacred places at one particular place. Having taken the dip in the sacred tank the people visit to the temple and gives alms to the poor.

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