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By Local Bus

The local bus Transport service in Kurukshetra is available between Pipli and Kurukshetra University (3rd Gate). The bus service is frequent and efficient and runs from 6:00AM to 8:00PM (Approximately 1/2 Hour service). The travel is generally hassle-free, though there might be rush on some particular routes during morning and evening peak hours (particulary during college time mostly students use them).le="font-size:10pt; text-align: justify;">

By Auto Rickshaw

The Auto Rickshaws are stationed at important places including Railway Station and Bus Stand. They operate in shared mode, although any body can ask also for individual. From Pipli Autos can be hired round the clock. On the whole, Auto Rickshaw are quite popular in the city. It is very unlikely that they would operate with a meter. The rates charged is as per Point to Point fixed by Union.

By Cycle Rickshaw

Cycle rickshaws are three-wheeled pedal powered rickshaws with seats in the back to seat passengers and a driver in the front. They are good for short distances, or places which are too far to walk but too short for taking a bus/taxi/auto rickshaw. Cycle rickshaws can be easily spotted in all parts of the city. You should negotiate the price before boarding one of these. Ask the locals to help if you doubt the charges demanded.

By Taxi

There are not many private local taxi services in the city. The private taxi operators can be located at Pipli Bus Stand or Old Bus Stand. Make/Model and facilities in the Taxi all depends on the Owner.